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To have a successful online business, it’s extremely important for you to build good customer relationships. Email communications can help establish good customer relations because of its personal nature.
However, emailing hundreds of people can be very tedious and time-consuming if you do it manually. This is where I find an Online Email Marketing Tool very useful.

Aweber is an email marketing software that enable you to conduct an effective email marketing campaign and stay in touch with your subscribers. It includes a comprehensive list of tools that allow you to handle all aspects of your email marketing campaigns and customer relations. It´s easy for beginners to setup everything but also has the flexibility that experts prefer.

With Aweber, you also get an excellent autoresponder enabling you to automatically send a series of emails to welcome new opt-in subscribers and provide them with information about your company and products. This allows you to build good relationships with them from the start. After setting up, everything is taken care for you automatically, so there’s no need for you to manually send the emails.

You can even track how’s your email marketing campaign doing, like who opened or didn’t open your emails, which links were clicked and who clicked them, how much revenue did you generate from your emails, and more.

This is really important as all these graphs and statistics will allow you to see the effectiveness of your campaign and do what’s needed to improve it. One thing I really like is its subscriber segmenting feature. It allows you to group your subscribers and send each group targeted and relevant emails

You can send customized emails to groups of people based on what products they bought from you, whether they opened or didn’t open specific emails, their location, and many other factors. This is certainly a cool feature as you’ll realize different groups of people require different attention. Aweber is definitely perfect for you if you wish to conduct a successful and effective email marketing campaign.

Whether you just want to stay in touch with your subscribers or want some means of soft selling your products and services directly to interested parties, Aweber tools can let you do this in a fast and efficient manner.

Many leading online business trust Aweber with their email marketing campaigns and I can’t think of any reason why you should not. Generally, I find Aweber the perfect choice for an email marketing software. From its affordable pricing plan to its comprehensive list of features, Aweber is definitely able to help you manage all your email marketing needs.
So sign up now and be on your way to building up your email list and staying in touch with your customers and prospects.

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Nimbus Artificially Intellingent SEO tool

nimbusPlayNimbus Artificially Intellingent SEO tool is a never-before-seen keyword software.

  • A Cloud-Based Artificially Intelligent All-SEO Research software.
  • Determines the Best SEO Strategy to follow to outrank any website if suggests keywords in your niche for.
  • Features its own Proprietor Ranking Algorithm created by SEOs who pull in 500K Uniques & $250K in revenue each MONTH…
  • About the top six other major tools’ functionalitis out there…
  • At about a quarter of the price
  • PLUS their own 100% accurate analysis of rankable keywords…
  • Researches based on your specific niche (YouTube Video clips SEO, Local SEO, eComm/Shopify SEO, or Digital Product SEO).

Nimbus main points:Nimbus Review-logo

If you want to be ranking for a pair of binoculars for your e-Comm store, Nimbus will suggest keywords & the backlinking necessary down to how many IPs from a blog network you need, and the type of backlinks.

This is based off of other similar buyer-intended keywords that you have gotten sales for, but discerning the ones that are the quickest to rank, yet have still a tremendous buying power.

If you are ranking for a customer, Nimbus goes out & determines the intent of your niche & suggests keywords to generate leads the fastest method possible.

Nimbus will do the same for YouTube Video clips, and Digital Products with Bing & Google.

Alex Cass developed an avatar called “Nimbus” that not only shows you around the entire website. Nimbus will suggest paths to have the best SEO strategy for your website to rank high & fast. If you get stuck, it’ll also recognize your behavior & suggest different steps to take to achieve the best possible results within your set parameters.

Nimbus also features its own on-site SEO analyzer, where you will add your url. Nimbus will tell you what else on your website you need to do to perfectly SEO it & get perfect results. And it’s better than any wp plugin such as Yoast, in that it’s highly related to the ENTIRE SEO strategy you’d be following, based on all the steps you have taken within the tool.

Nimbus finds untapped money keywords that rank easily. It then determines the SEO Backlinking Strategy. Nest it makes sure your on-site SEO is on point. All you have to do is follow the steps.

No more guessing. No more useless countless keywords you do not know what to do with, and if you get stuck, Nimbus is there to help you along the way.

Nimbus  saves your favorite keywords for later, while you research them in your car on your way to the coffee shop, with its powerful cloud-based set. Easy log in, search, save for later, rank.

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