Lee Murrays Funnel World – affiliate opportunity or not?

Part of the Funnel World project is to be affiliate of that product itself. Grabbed my aff link here: https://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/gdnt4c, check.

Study the jv-page.


Promote “FUNNEL WORLD” and Cash In Now!

Heres my problem with this: Funnel World is a great funnel. But if my subscribers buy it, and follow the course (like I did via Liz), my subscribers will be signing up for all the subsidiary networks through Lees link, not mine. Just the same way I have been signing up to EEC, Funnel Franchis etc through Lees links, not Liz´s. So I ´m not sure its a good idea to promote Lees own funnel. In a sense, he is hijacking the traffic I create.

My affiliate request is pending at Warrior+, as is my request to join Lees Funnel World Group on Facebook.

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