Lee Murray “3 Secrets” webinar notes

Again, you can duplicate my journey by picking up this offer: http://www.ThisKicksButt.com/FunnelWorld.

Notes from Michael Cheney´s 3 secrets webinar as the first part of Lee Murrays Funnel World.

The 3 secrets

  1. How to raid the 2 best sources of paid traffic online and ethically steal their visitors totally for free.
  2. the only way left for the little guy to get rich online without a list, without a website and without money for ads.
  3. The little-known way to make $3K+ per day in your spare time without doing any selling, without being and expert, and without any experience.

I notice these are all excellent headlines for any squeezepage!

Traffic – superfunnel – Big Money

1. Free traffic from paid sources.

Twitter. twitter.com/search: I need video software/ money/ a blog” Dont put your link in the replay, put: User, I felt the same way. then I found sth, and I m v happy because it actually works. Inbox me for details.

Facebook. Find leaders in your niche and befriend. Don´t market to them! Find their active friends and send them friend requests. 10-50 a day max.

The secret link method: FB limits you links, esp aff links.

NOTE: at this point I took a break. When I got back to the video page, I got a bit overwhelmed as buy-buttons suddenly had appeared under the video. So this is just another upsell! It´s an upsell jungle!! I am a victim!!!

I catch myself. Of course there is all upsell. That´s what the business is made of. This just means I am in the target audience of the products I want to be selling. Learn to LOVE the upsell! And this one is a high ticket one at $1997.

I did not read the offer yet. In the meantime, I went back and got Lee´s OTO1, the done-for-you offer. More in the next post.

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