I am with Liz!

Welcome to Funnel World

I have followed Liz Tomey for a long time, and bought some of her PLR products. I just cant get my finger out to get shit done. So I hired her for coaching almost for free. And you can too!

Now, Liz has partnered up with Lee through his product Funnel World. I bought it through Liz´s aff link, and got access to her private coaching and FB group. You can get it, too, click here: Liz gets paid when you buy here, and you get to be in her group just like me.

This blog will chronicle my advances with Liz and with Funnel World.

First, I am in Lee Murray´s Funnel World. The main page is long, with several videos to watch, and several links to follow. This apperears confusing. Don´t frustrate yourself! Do one task at at time.

Welcome to Funnel World In order to make sure I dicipline myself to learn, I will publish notes from every video I watch in this blog.

Notes from the first video on the page.

You as my reader will use my links to sign up for funnels. The idea is that I get second tier commissions from you, as Lee does from me. That way, we are all invested in making YOU as successfull as possible. Anything I find out that works, I will let you know so it can work for you too.

In the next post, I will write notes from “Here´s your webinar link – use it!”

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