Lee Funnel World OTO 1 – part 3 – email

Instead of Patric Chan´s “free” tool, I decide to instead sell Hijackr from Jvzoo. http://imviking.com/go/hijacr/

I edit out further references to My dot-com Business (MDCB). Voila, the pdf is done in Open Office. Voila, exported to pdf and uploaded to server. Check that it works.

Now onto loading EMAIL sequence in Aweber.

I got done with the 4 first, on day 5, Lee promotes a product with “Build and Grow Your List e-Book”. Does he mean one inside

Lee Funnel World OTO 1 – part 2

Okay its more than a week later. The stumbling block I run into is the OTO1 squeezepage and the report. The report will not open in Word, so I have to install Open Office.

The sqeezepage: I try to edit the html in the c-panel html editor, and all the code is on ONE LINE. I cannot figure out where to insert the Aweber snippet. Lee does not have a tutorial for html. My secret weapon is Convertri.



The e-book has a link to a free tool, called Affiliate Content Profits. It is at: http://register.affiliatecontentprofits.com/5b3e2db68fc2f.

When you register, you are offered by CB Passive Income 5.0 at $97 “instead of $497.” The sales video presents Patrick Chan. Lee said his name, but I did not hear the reference to a product. Again, I have an aff link for CB Passive Income from Clickbank, but not a link directly to the tool.

Edit 16.8:

I decide to instead sell Hijackr from Jvzoo. http://imviking.com/go/hijacr/

I edit out further references to “My dot-com Business” (MDCB). Voila, the pdf is done in Open Office. Voila, exported to pdf and uploaded to server. Check that it works.

Lee Murrays Funnel World – affiliate opportunity or not?

Part of the Funnel World project is to be affiliate of that product itself. Grabbed my aff link here: https://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/gdnt4c, check.

Study the jv-page.


Promote “FUNNEL WORLD” and Cash In Now!

Heres my problem with this: Funnel World is a great funnel. But if my subscribers buy it, and follow the course (like I did via Liz), my subscribers will be signing up for all the subsidiary networks through Lees link, not mine. Just the same way I have been signing up to EEC, Funnel Franchis etc through Lees links, not Liz´s. So I ´m not sure its a good idea to promote Lees own funnel. In a sense, he is hijacking the traffic I create.

My affiliate request is pending at Warrior+, as is my request to join Lees Funnel World Group on Facebook.

Lee Murray Funnel World OTO 1


OTO 1 (the first upsell) of Lee Murray´s Funnel World funnel is a done-for-you offer. I would rather call it a PLR with squeeze page, free report to give away, and email sequence for those that download the free report. It´s $27, which is reasonable.

I will now upload the files to my server. Oh, I realize I have to edit the free report to put in my affliliate links! This will be a lot of work. Arghh. Don´t despair! One step at a time. I guess I need to watch the OTO 1 video tutorial, I hope there is one!

Yes, there were 2 videos, both 45 min. long. And links to sign up for the referral funnels, as well as for the funnel-based ones. But the latter can be found on Jvzoo, Warrior+ or Clickbank, so no need to sign up yet. I decided to use an old gmail address for all my signups, so I get all in one place and not in my primary inbox.

Referral links

OK, I got my EEC referral link as soon as I signed up.  One down! earneasycommissions.com/?userid=IMViking

Funnel Franchise, took a little more work, as I needed to sign up for Paykickstart as part of the process. Then I had to wait: “Request Pending Approval”. 5 hours later (next day for me), the email came “Congratulations! Mark Wightley approved your request to promote ALL their products. Good job!”. I go back to FF-page to enter my Id 23163.

Edit: It was tricky to find my full aff link. Login to Paykickstart, click Affiliate Links in the right menu. http://paykstrt.com/4104/23163

On to FunnelX. The confirmation email is late. When it came, my login did not work. I requested new password, but no answer. Next day, an email from owner David Dekel led me to a onboarding webinar. I suppose I should postpone watching it.

On to Moolavine. It is on jvzoo, let´s see. I “not thanks” past 2 upsells, but the /members page does not load… that´s not a good sign. Oh, their link is wrong, just delete the word /index.php. LINK http://www.MoolaVine.com/freeproof.php?id=13948

I go back to watch Lees OTO1 Video1. For the first 13 days of email sequence, all I need is FFranch, EEC, Funnel World, CB Passive. For the next 8 emails, FunnelX and Covert Comm.

Dont forget aff links to autoresponders!


Getresponse: http://imviking.com/go/getresponse/

While I listen, I got Residual Income Code: LINK http://theresidualincomecode.com/?userid=IMViking. Jon sent me invitation to a webinar.

That was all the referral based ones. Now on to jvzoo for CComm.

I am already approved for Covert commissions: https://jvz6.com/c/66691/145807.

CB passive income on Clickbank: http://ea421hgxln0rdue1ceor6a1d50.hop.clickbank.net/

7-figure franchise: This is Lee´ s friend Michael CHeneys $2000 product. I am not buying it, and dont know how to get aff link. Oh, its on Jvzoo! http://imviking.com/go/7-fig-f.

My dot-com business seems to be British Paul Lynch´s front for MOBE. MOBE is taken down by the authorities in US, so I will stay away. Also, his sign up page at https://internetsuccesshub.com/ does not redirect properly.

The squeezepage

I uploaded the squeezepage just to see it. It looks good!

I use the html-version. I cannot figure out why there is a pop-up hiding the sales copy. It wants me to sign up for notifications. I need to watch the second tutorial video.




The Free Report

See next post



Remember, you can get access to my coach Liz and duplicate my journey by picking up this offer:



Lee Murray “3 Secrets” webinar notes

Again, you can duplicate my journey by picking up this offer: http://www.ThisKicksButt.com/FunnelWorld.

Notes from Michael Cheney´s 3 secrets webinar as the first part of Lee Murrays Funnel World.

The 3 secrets

  1. How to raid the 2 best sources of paid traffic online and ethically steal their visitors totally for free.
  2. the only way left for the little guy to get rich online without a list, without a website and without money for ads.
  3. The little-known way to make $3K+ per day in your spare time without doing any selling, without being and expert, and without any experience.

I notice these are all excellent headlines for any squeezepage!

Traffic – superfunnel – Big Money

1. Free traffic from paid sources.

Twitter. twitter.com/search: I need video software/ money/ a blog” Dont put your link in the replay, put: User, I felt the same way. then I found sth, and I m v happy because it actually works. Inbox me for details.

Facebook. Find leaders in your niche and befriend. Don´t market to them! Find their active friends and send them friend requests. 10-50 a day max.

The secret link method: FB limits you links, esp aff links.

NOTE: at this point I took a break. When I got back to the video page, I got a bit overwhelmed as buy-buttons suddenly had appeared under the video. So this is just another upsell! It´s an upsell jungle!! I am a victim!!!

I catch myself. Of course there is all upsell. That´s what the business is made of. This just means I am in the target audience of the products I want to be selling. Learn to LOVE the upsell! And this one is a high ticket one at $1997.

I did not read the offer yet. In the meantime, I went back and got Lee´s OTO1, the done-for-you offer. More in the next post.

I am with Liz!

I have followed Liz Tomey for a long time, and bought some of her PLR products. I just cant get my finger out to get shit done. So I hired her for coaching almost for free. And you can too!

Now, Liz has partnered up with Lee through his product Funnel World. I bought it through Liz´s aff link, and got access to her private coaching and FB group. You can get it, too, click here: Liz gets paid when you buy here, and you get to be in her group just like me.

This blog will chronicle my advances with Liz and with Funnel World.

First, I am in Lee Murray´s Funnel World. The main page is long, with several videos to watch, and several links to follow. This apperears confusing. Don´t frustrate yourself! Do one task at at time.

Welcome to Funnel World In order to make sure I dicipline myself to learn, I will publish notes from every video I watch in this blog.

Notes from the first video on the page.

You as my reader will use my links to sign up for funnels. The idea is that I get second tier commissions from you, as Lee does from me. That way, we are all invested in making YOU as successfull as possible. Anything I find out that works, I will let you know so it can work for you too.

In the next post, I will write notes from “Here´s your webinar link – use it!”

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